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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet.

For somebody who is a, self confessed, social media junky, i was actually quite late onto Twitter.

I'm afraid that i was one of those people who, initially, thought that Twitter couldn't possibly be of any use to me. After all, what use is just 140 characters to somebody who regularly makes 10 minute long videos for YouTube, Or, whose blog posts could probably test the patience of a saint?

Yes, i was one of those who said, or says "I don't want to know what you had for breakfast" etc etc.
That is a common argument given by non Twitterers and i even heard this very point made by the actor Sir Michael Caine just last week. In his defence, Michael Caine has now joined the Twitterati and, just like me, has realised the error of his ways.

I was dragged, virtually kicking and screaming, onto Twitter in September, 2008.
That may well seem like a long time ago, especially in the world of the Internet. But, as somebody who, generally, signs up to most of the new social media sensations, i was actually quite late off of the mark.
Most of my online friends were already well and truly addicted to Twitter by then and it was in fact down to them that i signed up in the first place.

My moment of epiphany came during a road trip, with some fellow YouTubers, in the USA, during 2008..
It was during that trip that i saw, at first hand, the way that Twitter could and did connect people. It wasn't all about your choice of breakfast cereal after all.

Obviously, since that day, i've never looked back.

Like most Twitter users, the way that i use Twitter has evolved over the years and has led me in some interesting directions. Something that i may well talk about in future blog posts.

But, Twitter, the way that it is now used and how my own use has evolved, was brought home to me last week, when i was caught up in a local news story.
I have talked about aspects of this in a separate blog post.

What i realised after that event, was the way that Twitter is used, by myself and others, to spread the news and our coverage of it.
We can probably all think of recent major news stories in which Twitter has been used in this way. But, it really brings it home to you, when you are a part of it yourself.

I was very impresessed by the way that the vast majority of news organisations, radio and tv stations were using, watching and interacting onTwitter. It has become a major source of news for us all. This is something that has really crept up on everybody and something that i'm sure the founders of Twitter never considered when they first started the service.

Twitter has now become, for many including myself, a primary way of communicating with friends, family, contacts and even complete strangers.
It has also become my primary source of news coverage, from right across the world.

Twitter also links me to viral videos, interesting newspaper and magazine articles, blog posts, local events and much, much more that i would never have seen, or heard about, otherwise.

I, for one, would never have expected all of this when i, very tentatively, signed up to Twitter back in September 2008.
I guess that this just goes to show that things are not always what they seem?

If you have your own Twitter story to tell, please let us know. We'd love to hear it.

By the way, what did you have for breakfast?


  1. A banana and a Nature's Valley oat bar washed down with a cup of decaf.

  2. Not a thing. Not feeling well today. I started Twitter to have a place to vent. But now, I have enough family on the site that venting's not a common thing for me to do anymore. So, now it's down to keeping up with my 'Liners (online friends), local folk and the news.

  3. Buckwheat waffles. My tweets tend to be the mundane variety we are waned against, & hardly provocative! I should start to follow more twitterers, but I don't want to keep up w/ all the chit chat. What I have now is stimulating enough.

  4. ebiannah: I don't have any family on here that i'm aware of. I must say that i'm quite pleased about that.
    It is as place to vent. Within reason of course :)

  5. Willy: One of the beauties of Twitter, is that you can use it exactly how you want to. It doesn't always have to be world shattering insights.
    Stimulating is a good word to use whan talking about, at least, some of what you see on Twitter,