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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Why "Social Media Journeys"?

Well, the answer to that question is probably, if you're reading this, you are on a social media journey of your own. Whether you have realised that yet, or not.

We all got here from somewhere and part of the purpose of this blog, is to chart that personal journey.
Whether that be the story of how we got here in the first place, where we are trying to get to,  what we've learned along the way. Or, just our experiences during that journey, both good and bad.

We all have a social media story to tell and the aim of this blog is to try and tell that story. Whether that story be mine, or yours.

On our individual journeys, we all stop off at different social media and networking sites. Be that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace etc etc. And that list is getting ever longer.
We aim to talk about our own experiences with all of those sites.

One of the reasons for this is that social media is still a relatively small affair. It might not seem like it to those who are already here. But, there are billions of people throughout the world, who have yet to start on their own social media journey.
Over the next few years and especially in this age of ever increasing mobile internet use, many of those people will be embarking on their own personal journeys.
If we can help those new users in any way, by sharing our own experiences and assist their first faltering steps into the world of social media, this will have been worthwhile.

Another focus of this blog is a question i raised in a recent YouTube video announcing this venture.
That question is "How has social media changed, or how is it changing your life?"

I think we can safely say, that for the vast majority of us, our exposure to social media changes us in some way. Those changes can be both big and small. For some people the effects are, quite literally, life changing.
We aim to cover a wide variety of topics around this question. Talking about both the good and the bad effects of social media on our lives.
We also intend to talk about how social media has possibly changed our attitudes to the people that we interact with around the world.

There is also the question of how social media is changing the world in general.
We have probably all seen how social media has become a big buzz word in the world of advertising. Any business with an eye to the future is trying to muscle in to the world of social media. We'll be discussing the good and bad sides of this as well.

Well, i think that gives you all a flavour of what to expect in the future.

As you may have noticed, i have been joined on this blog by two fellow contributors.

Ken has been on the Internet and using very early forms of social media since the 1990's. Here is his story. So, he has wide experience of social media, both from a personal and from a business point of view.
I have known Ken for nearly 4 years, via YouTube etc. I finally got to meet him earlier in 2010, when i visited California, where he lives.

Rich is a relative newcomer to social media and will therefore be telling us about his first steps and experiences into this new world. This is his story. Rich also lives in California and has wide experience in film making.
I have only known Rich since early 2010. But, was lucky enough to meet up with him as well, during my trip to California.

We also aim to have guest posts from different people, telling us their own stories and discussing various different aspects of the social media experience.

So stay tuned.  It promises to be an interesting and eventful future for us all.
It's good to have you along for the journey and be sure to tell your friends all about Social Media Journeys.

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