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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Age of Media Literacy?

As I was recording this audioboo podcast about a talk I'll be giving in a couple of weeks to a group of senior citizens on an educational tour of Los Angeles, it occurred to me  that as I talk about my career in media, and the realities of living in the film industry's "company town," I might touch on social media.

It's a challenging proposition.  Most of these tourists range in age from their 60's up to their 80's.  I expect that a good percentage of them will be online to some extent - some will even active in Facebook.   It should prove interesting to learn their various levels of online activity.  I'm pondering an analogy that could define social media.

We live in a time when we can use the tools of popular media to communicate with others - to develop community - express ourselves and reach, at least theoretically, a virtually unlimited audience.

Still, it's a challenge to define a form of expression that is still developing.

Perhaps we're living in an age akin to the development of literacy in advanced societies - where reading and writing became accessible to more and more people, leading to a more informed populace, and ultimately transformed those societies.

Similarly, media literacy can bring the most effective means of communication in the modern world to millions, where just a few years ago, such tools were limited to a select few.

What changes will media literacy bring?

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1 comment:

  1. One of the topics that i want to tackle with this blog, is about how social media has affected the elderly. The so called "Silver Surfers".
    I suspect their experience is a different one to mine. I'm hoping to get at least one guest post from someone from that age group.