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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Twitter and Facebook - Wot no link?

This post was originally written for my FaceBook page:

So, it appears & please correct me if i'm wrong, that i can no longer link my Twitter feed to Facebook. Unless, that is, i have a special "Page" account, which is only available for business', bands, celebrities etc.

I've even tried removing the Twitter app & reinstalling it. FB says that the accounts are now linked, but nothing shows up on my FB profile.
So, why do FB allow you to get this far if i'm now not allowed to share my Tweets? And why on earth don't they tell us that they've changed things?

I noticed the other day that my Tweets weren't now appearing on FB.
I realise that this will probably make some people happy, especially if they also follow me on Twitter & see my posts duplicated. But, for me, this was a very useful tool.
Like most people who use both Twitter & FB, i have many different followers & friends on the different accounts. So, being able to link accounts enabled me to communicate with both sets of people, without having to post in two separate places myself. Something i'm certainly not going to bother doing very often.

I use FB in a different way to Twitter. As, i'm sure, do many people.
I have an iPhone & have both Twitter & FB apps installed onto it. But, i find it so much easier to use Twitter on the iPhone, than i do FB. I use the FB app as little as possible as it happens. Which is why i relied on linking the accounts.
I only tend to use FB when i'm actually sitting down at a computer, which probably isn't as often as people might think. I use my iPhone a lot, especially during the day & tend to log onto FB only during the evening. There are obviously exceptions to this "rule", like now!

So, by changing this FB have taken away some of my connectivity & there was me thinking that social networking was all about connections & interactivity?
Or, is it, as i suspect it is, a move to get you to upgrade your account in an effort to sell more advertising & make money? After all, the media has been full of items about the current value of both Twitter & FB recently.

Maybe i'm just being an old cynic & maybe i'm completely wrong about these changes & just haven't figured out how to get around them yet?
After all, some changes were made this week on FB & meant that most people needed to update their settings to enable you to see all posts, by all of your friends here.
Once again, this wasn't advertised by FB & i only found out via a link posted by a friend here on FB.

Why do some sites, companies etc make it so hard for their users?
And why do they keep breaking something that isn't actually broken?

Anyway, rant over & if you don't "see" me on FB quite so much in the future, at least you now know why.

Well, my Twitter feed is now showing up once again onto Facebok, which is good news.
Still no idea as to why this happened. I noticed that other peoples Tweets were starting to show up, over the past week and then, all of a sudden and with no warning and no idea why, my Tweets re-appeared.
Weird huh?

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