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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Where did they come from?

Anyone who might have stumbled upon this new blog. Would probably be wondering why there are already 23 videos and 3 blog posts here. After all, this Social Media Journeys blog was only created a few days ago.

Well, all will be revealed throughout the blog posts that will follow, now that this new blog is up and running properly.

But, a brief explanation is that, all of the posts, below this one,  have been taken from either my YouTube channel , or from my other blog, Moose Musings.

The reason for this is that i have been talking and making videos about Social Media for around 4 years now. And i felt that those videos and blog posts were as valid here as they were on their original channels. I also felt that they are as valid now as they were when they were made.

They cover the same sort of topics that this blog will, hopefully, be covering. And although some of them are a few years old, they are a part of my own social media journey. Looking back on them shows me how far i have come and how much i've learned along the way.

It is always interesting for me to look back on the videos especially and i hope that it might be interesting and possibly valuable to you as well.

We all have to start somewhere and watching somebody elses first faltering steps, on their own social media journey,  can be a very valuable learning experience.

After all, the longest journey starts with just a single step.

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